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This Sum assured is paid on demise of the policyholder to the nominee.Are you planning to take any long term investment decision in near future.Traditional Tax Savings Investments are NSC, Bank FD, ULIP and PPF.

These are issued for five and ten year maturity and can be used as collateral for availing loans.Fixed Deposit is a savings account or certificate of deposit that offers a fixed rate of interest until a specific maturity date.Learn more about the best places to save and invest your money depending on.PPF, a statutory scheme by the central government, is meant for both salaried and self-employed individuals.

Premiums paid towards a life insurance policy is eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C with a limit of 1 lakh in a financial year.

Investors who are allergic to risk or are risk averse could consider contributing their savings into these safe investment options.

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Term insurance is the basic form of insurance as it provides risk cover in the exchange of yearly paid premiums.A traditional life insurance policy clubs a life insurance cover with investment.National Savings Certificates also known as NSC is a saving bond, mainly used for small saving and income tax saving investment in India, part of the Postal Saving System of Indian Postal Service (India Post).

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Be very specific of your needs, your understanding about the instrument and your ability to take risks.

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Post 35, after every 5 years equity investment reduces by 10%.As their name suggests, traditional plans unlike ULIPS invest all the funds in to Debt.

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While high returns can never be guaranteed in the financial markets, there.

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Investments simplify everything by reducing or rather eliminating the liabilities from our life.I remember the first time I stood at the top of the high dive at the rec.The interest earned on FD account is higher than the interest earned on savings account.Some part of the premium paid is utilized to offer insurance cover to the policy holder while the remaining portion is invested in various equity and debt schemes.

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This scheme allows the investor to contribute his funds towards both equity and debt.Post Office Monthly Income Scheme provides you a guaranteed return on your investment.This is a good option for salaried person with low to medium income per month.It has a longer tenure with annual premiums - often for 15 years or more.Do you know what are the long term investment options available currently.

Our college savings options tool can help take some of the guesswork out of determining which investment option is best suited for you, based on features you consider.PPF and EPF are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80C, which means there is no tax deduction on the maturity proceeds in these options.In the event of death of the policyholder, sum assured is paid out to the nominee.