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It is also an original document, maintained by the passport holder or custodian.

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In that case please advise if i need to send notarised copies of the passport page or only photocopies will.Technically, a notary cannot notarize a passport or even a copy of a passport, as a passport is a form of identification governed by the US Department of State,.

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Vietnamese oversea who is not yet lost their Vietnamese citizenship and not having a Vietnamese valid passport.

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They make a photocopy of the original, make a written statement about the trueness, correctness and completeness of the copy, signs that statement before you, the Notary, you put them under oath and execute a jurat.Definition of notarized document: Document carrying authenticated signature(s) of the person(s).

Learn about international travel and getting your U.S. Passport.Identifying the person appearing before the notary by reference to significant proofs of evidence including passport. retaining a copy.No need to notarize Passport Visa Copy. We. Notarised passport.

You can, however, notarize a Copy Certification by Document Custodian.

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A notarized copy is a photocopy of an original document that has been.

Florida allows the notary to attest to the photocopy of any document that is not public record - a passport being one of them as a certified copy cannot be obtained.Learn how to properly certify copies of non-recordable documents.

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The notary will probably ask you to come back with an unsigned copy of the document.Hello All When we Submit ITA docs, do we need to include Notarized copies of Expired passports aswell.

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The key here is that the signer needs to request or direct you as to which form to use.

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Also for IELTS Notarised copy of the Certificate will do or.

Not all states allow notaries to certify copies, so be sure you can do that before you do.I can witness a person stating it is a true copy of the original.It will tell you what notaries can and cannot do in Michigan.In addition to the jurat, you should do a custodian statement.

I believe I can not certify any birth certificate,passport, or any document that needs a raised seal by the issuing dept.Fix it in your heads as to what your act and legal duties are.

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In FL, notaries are authorized to make copies of certain documents (including passports) and notarizing them as true copies.

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There is always some confusion about the legality of copying and notarizing official documents.

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Carrying a notarized copy of a passport is the same as carrying the original. Carrying a notarized copy of a passport is. notarized copy of my passport.